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Brief Synopsis of My Book Series

 My book series is about healing from “toxic relationships” romantic or platonic, and building healthier relationships with self & others. The book series has clinical evidenced based practices to assist one in their change process, as toxic relationships can be traumatizing, and devastating. Please do not allow the title to deceive you, as it is a syndrome that I coined. I do not support inappropriate sexual misconduct in any fashion, form, or shape. Enjoy the ride! 

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Pimp-A-Lo Syndrome

Rocked to Sleep Recovery

About Me

My background

I am a Clinical Counselor, Author, and Motivational Speaker. I was born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York. I have also lived in Southern States as well- Tennessee and Virginia. I have been blessed to have wonderful relationships & business connections with some of the most talented and beautiful minds in each State. I come from a family of: Pastors, Educators,  Nurses, Lawyers, Physicians, Business Professionals, Musicians and Authors. My family is not perfect, we all have our issues, but one thing is for sure: We love the Lord, one another, and others  

I graduated college at the top of my class. I am an Addictions Specialist studied in Mental Health with a Specialty  in Women's Issues and I am Certified to work with persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. I have worked as: A Primary Therapist on a Co-Occuring Adult Addictions Detox Unit, Family Service Coordinator, Assistant Director and Lead Addictions Specialist at a facility for women and children in the non-profit sector and also in the Criminal Justice Department.

I Am Available for Speaking Engagements

I am a Woman after God’s own heart & having a personal relationship with God is important to me. It is equally important to have balanced theology, and truly understand the difference between religion, and spirituality. I have been spiritually trained in the Kingdom of God, and I have provided spiritual coaching and counseling to those that sought, and seek, to enhance their spiritual growth. I highly value

confidentiality, and I strongly believe in people having a “safe place” to heal. I do not support unethical actions of any kind.    

I am a humanitarian with a sense of humor and I speak my mind, but it all comes from a place of love. I love music, I enjoy cooking, I love to dance, and I love fashion.

I Am Available For Speaking Engagements! I have been blessed to travel & speak in various States sharing my experiences & teaching on life lessons for over 18 years. If you would like to book me for a speaking engagement please contact one of the ladies featured below

About My Mentor

Mr. Bruce George

Bruce George is the Co-Founder of the award-winning "Russell Simmons Presents, "Def Poetry Jam" and the Founder of the rapidly growing "Genius Is Common" Movement. Mr. George is also the writer on the foreword to my second book, "Rocked to Sleep Recovery." I am extremely honored, humbled and grateful for his tutalage. 

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